Buddhist Recovery in Atlanta Georgia Area

Buddhist Friends of Bill W.


Most meetings are now Zoom.

Decatur - Monday at 8:00 PM, Wednesday at Noon, and Thursday at 7:30 PM  at Shambhala Meditation Center 1447 Church Street Decatur, GA 30030.

Monday is now a hybrid meeting.  You can go to the Shambhala center for a face to face meeting, or you can join in with Zoom.  Wednesday and Thursday are Zoom only.

  If you go to the in person meeting  you must wear a mask and practice social distancing.

Most meetings are now Zoom.  When meeting in person we usually meet in the main shirne room, but sometimes there will be a sign telling you to go to some other location in the center.  The name of the group is "One Breath at a Time".  We start off with 10 minutes of sitting meditation, then read from selected literature on Buddhism and the 12 Steps.  After that it's just like a regular open discussion meeting.    

Zoom link for One Breath Monday night 8:00 pm Shambhala meeting:

Zoom link for One Breath Wednesday noon Shambhala meeting:
https://zoom.us/j/815805676   password: onebreath

Zoom link for One Breath Thursday night 7:30 Shambhala meeting:
password: onebreath

For more information contact Tom at 770-421-5968 or David at 404-583-0703


Refuge Recovery is no longer in Georgia.  It has been replaced by Recovery Dharma

Recovery Dharma:      Meeting list: https://recoverydharma.org/meeting-list
                                                Contact phone number:  585-348-PATH (7284)

Listing of Buddhist Recovery meetings all over the world are availiable on the  Buddhist Recovery Network


If you know of other meetings that should be listed here, contact Tom at  770-421-5968

Note - The status of these meetings is not clear and may change faster than I change this web site.   They may or may not be considered offical AA or NA meetings and may not be listed in any of the directories.  All are welcome.

If you are in AA, NA, Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Annonymous, or any other 12 step recovery program, you may like these meetings.  If  you are a Buddhist, or are interested in Buddhism or meditation, you may like these meetings.