Neo American Buddhist Discussion Group

The Dali Lama said that when there is a conflict between science and Buddhism, then Buddhism must change.  Do you agree?
What things in Buddhism are true and useful and what parts are old superstitions? 
Is it healthy to talk about our own awakening experiences, or does it lead to arrogance and competition within a Sangha?
Is there such a thing as reincarnation, or is it a vital myth that helps us deal with our fear of death and non-existence?  
How does the enlightenment experience effect neurosis? 
If these types of questions interest you, then you might enjoy our group.  We are a small group in the Decatur area who meet in each others homes to talk about our lives, our spiritual practice and our understanding of reality.  We don't meditate together.  Some of us doubt the value of meditation, others spend lots of time practicing with other groups or alone.

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