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Warning - There are all kinds of people calling themselves Buddhists.  Some of them do not have your best interests at heart.  Some of them want your money and some of them are cults.  I list any group here that requests listing, but I do not necessarily approve of all of them.  For more about money, power and cult issues in Buddhist groups, click here.

Warning - Most people get lots of benefits from regular meditation, but for some people meditation can be very harmful and can lead to psychotic episodes and long term psychological problems.  This is a good article that talks about some of the dangers.

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I try to keep this site up to date and complete, but the following directories are also good, and may have sites that I have not listed:

Recommended Buddhist sites not in Atlanta

Non-Buddhist groups that may be of interest to people interested in Buddhism

Buddhist Blogs

A few Buddhist Blogs that I like

Buddhist Events
There are many events going on every day at the different centers.  Contact the specific groups for their schedules

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